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About Your Data

When you applied to become a member of Portobello Timebank you supplied us with basic contact information (name, address, email, phone number), and later you may have added a photo and short description (bio) of yourself, as well as offers and requests for skills exchange, completed transactions and your time credit history. This is the minimum information we need to hold in order for you to be an effective Timebank member. Because you chose to become a member, it is lawful for us to retain and process this data in a responsible manner, as described in this Statement, until such time as you inform us that you no longer wish to maintain your membership.


Who has access to your information?


a) Your information is held in a database application called Time and Talents, written by the timebanking organisation ‘hOurworld’ from Portland, Maine, USA, which is where the data is stored. Although this is outside the EU, hOurworld are fully aware of the GDPR, and of their obligation to comply with it. They have issued this statement in response to GDPR regulations :


hOurworld reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the personal data of our members, contacts, and anyone who visits our websites. hOurworld has three core privacy principles: accountability through awareness, empowering individuals, and protecting and safeguarding information. We embrace privacy by design, which means our teams actively design and build features with privacy considered alongside innovation and functionality.”


b) Locally, we have administrators (currently 2) who are able to access the database in order to keep the Timebank operation running smoothly. These administrators are committed to safeguarding your information, and to deleting it if you wish. They also store your references on local private servers to prove compliance with the Timebank rules for vetting applicants for security purposes.


c) The hOurworld system is written so that you have maximum control over your data. Only members can log into the database. Your contact details are invisible by default to other members (unless you make them public), and you choose to share them with individuals on a need-to-know basis – such as when you are setting up a transaction with another member. You have full access to all your own data, apart from your references, whenever you log in.


Contacting you


Except when you have already established a close bond with an individual member, most communications are done through the system email.


a) If you have listed an Offer or Request, interested members may email you through the system, without knowing your email address. In order to receive these, you MUST be able to receive mail from If you want to take a break for a while, be sure to suspend your listings.


b) To keep you abreast of what is going on within the Timebank, we send you a short newsletter once a week (generally first thing on a Monday morning). If you are an active member this is a useful update, and we would like to continue to whet your appetite with everything the Timebank is involved in. Once again, you need to be able to receive mail from


We appreciate, however, that sometimes you need an extended break from Timebank activity, without giving up your membership. In this case, you may wish to apply for ‘Limited Contact’ status, where we will send you only two communications per year – one around our AGM in September, and the other early in the spring when we have mapped out our plans for the year. When your circumstances change, we hope to welcome you back as a fully active member.


Removing your record


In the event that, say, you move away, you may wish to inactivate your membership. Just let us know and we will stop contacting you. If you have been flagged as ‘Inactive’ for more than 2 years, we will remove your electronic record and delete your references. Alternatively you can have your record removed completely at any time by contacting a local administrator at Any outstanding time credit balance may be donated by arrangement to another member, to Portobello Timebank, or transferred to another timebank (if applicable).




From time to time we take photographs (moving and still) of members and activities, and use case studies which can include these images and minimal personal data (such as first name where appropriate) to illustrate our activities on our website and Facebook page. The images will not be used for any purpose other than to promote the aims of Portobello Timebank. If you do not want your image, or that of a family member, to appear on these sites, please contact an administrator to have it removed.