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Meet a Few of our Members


"The idea of working more closely with the community really appealed to me. Increasing community spirit and the feeling of belonging and being part of Portobello and its people should give lots of benefits to all of us, from safety and security, to cleaner streets, to seeing more people you know as you go for a walk or shop.

I enjoy helping doing "big" things with clear impact. Heavy work, such as removing old fences and clearing gardens, lifting /moving furniture and environmental projects such as the clearing of Brunstane Burn. I have received help in the basic requirements of starting a website.

Timebanking is a really great way to meet new people in the area. That wasn't really the reason i joined, but it's really nice to see more people I now know in Portobello. I also get a lot of satisfaction in helping someone without them needing to spend money, and seeing a good job done."


"I had just moved to Portobello and the Timebank seemed an ideal way to get to know people, be useful and get help with tasks I can’t manage on my own.

I have had great fun teaching a group of members to play Mahjong, which I played as a child. We play according to my mother’s rules!

In return I have been helped to declutter, had lifts to parts of Edinburgh that are awkward to get to by bus, and help organising files and photos on my computer. But the major help I had was when moving house a team of 3 time bankers came and helped clean the house I was leaving from top to toe and even sang as they were working, turning what would have been drudgery into an enjoyable time and a memory that still makes me smile.

I really like the fact that I am not asking for a “favour” as I will have done something to earn hours at a time that suited me."


"I like the concept of time-banking: exchanging time, getting to know your neighbours and your community, helping out ...

So far I have helped with gardening, cleaning and alternative therapies.

A while back I took part in a great workshop on chutney making and more recently I got help painting my hall, which was fantastic!

I enjoy interacting with different people - having said that, I really want to take part in more exchanges!

What would I like to do more of in the future? I'm quite interested in learning new things, so would love to attend more mini workshops."


"I became a member of the timebank because I like to meet new people. In fact I first saw the timebank in action when 3 of them turned up to help clean my neighbour’s house. I signed up the same day.

So far I have helped with digging up gravel with another member. I attended the Christmas party in the Dalriada where I arranged with someone to give her advice on what to do with her garden in the spring, and we have recently completed that.  

I have been helped with house cleaning following a flood, and hope soon to get help with upgrading my pc from an IT graduate!

I appreciate the chance for meaningful contact with fellow humans, and hope to do more of the same, especially on a person to person basis."




Kay's impressed neighbour was Liz

Liz dug gravel with James

James helped paint Sylvia's hall