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Here is a list of the types of skills members have offered or requested in the timebank. The most common topics are here, but if you have a specialist skill that doesn't fit in to any of the categories, please be sure to let us know and we will add it in.


All members' actual offers and requests, along with their account balance, are held on another website which manages the transactions of hundreds of timebanks across the world. To get the most out of your timebanking we recommend that you use the Time and Talents application on the hOurworld website, which you learn to use during your orientation. Please go to the Members section to log in, or to watch a video to remind you how to use the application.


If you still struggle a bit with the application (you're not alone!), we will post the most recent Offers and Requests on the following pages, along with a form for you to fill in with your instructions. This will go to a timebroker who will update your Time and Talents record on your behalf.

Offers & Requests

Help at Home

Car Washing

Electronics - set up computer/TV

Gardening - Design/Advice

Gardening - Light (weeding, pruning etc.)

Gardening - Moderate-Heavy (digging, slabs)

Houseplant Care


Interior Decorating

Mechanical repair/maintenance

Minor DIY

Moving / Lifting

Sewing / Knitting / Mending


Accompanying People to Appointments

Buddying - Active (walking, cycling etc.)

Buddying - Entertainment (cinema, Fringe etc.)

Community Singing

Complementary Therapies

Cooking / Baking

Cosmetic Treatments

Dog Walking

Doing Errands

Games (mah-jong, bridge etc.)

Listening and Visiting

Pet Sitting

Random Acts of Kindness

Reading Aloud




English Language Support


Form Filling and Letters


Coaching (life, career, sport etc.)

Computer/IT lesson

Food / cooking

Foreign Languages

Handcrafts (crochet, jewellery making etc.)

Music (guitar, piano etc.)

Professional Services

Young woman working in allotment Carpenter carving wood, close-up Cook Hands playing the piano Scissors, hole puncher, pen, glue and ribbon

Community Projects

Community Service


Litter / Clean Up

Goods Exchange

Commissioned Works ** new **

Equipment Loan

Produce Exchange

Space Rental