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8 Sept 2016

Teaching/Learning: Computer/IT

Ros can help with setting up a Facebook or Twitter account

27 June 2016

Administration: Form Filling and Letters

Elaine can help with benefit/housing forms and benefits advice.

14 Dec 2015

Social: Pet Sitting

Kirsteen offers pet-sitting. Rodents, ferrets, budgies, cats and small/medium dogs. You can drop the animal off with food etc, and pick it up at the end.

15 Feb 2015

Teaching/Learning: Foreign Languages

Sarah is happy to help you in French or Spanish. Translation, help with homework, conversation...she's a native French speaker

8 Sept 2016

Teaching/Learning: Other

Lia can provide interactive sessions on end-of-life consciousness, the natural/good death, hospice formations, funeral traditions, fears and taboos surrounding dying and death and all things connected.

28 June 2016

Teaching/Learning: Handcrafts

Christine can do a crochet project for you, or teach you how to crochet.

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